Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾

Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾


Prof. Zhang Jin-Ting, National University of Singapore, Singapore


Research Area: Functional data analysis; High-dimensional Data Analysis; Nonparametric mixed-effects modeling for longitudinal data; Nonparametric techniques in medical applications

研究领域功能数据分析; 高维数据分析; 纵向数据的非参数混合效应建模; 医疗应用中的非参数技术

Title:Simple and Adaptive Tests for Big Data

标题:简单, 自适应的大数据测试


In this talk, we consider hypothesis testing problems for  big  data where the data dimension may be much larger than the sample size so that traditional multivariate tests are no longer applicable. Via imposing  strong assumptions  on the  underlying covariance matrices, most of the existing tests are shown to be asymptotically  normal  and are conducted using  normal approximation. However, in real data analysis, these imposed assumptions may not be satisfied or hardly checked so that  these existing  tests are less useful.  Unlike the existing tests, we proposed simple and adaptive tests.   Without imposing strong assumptions on the underlying covariance matrices,  the  distributions of  the proposed tests are shown to be asymptotically chi-squared mixtures and are conducted using chi-square approximation. Good performance of the proposed tests is demonstrated via some simulation studies and real data examples.

Tomozii Elena Simona .png

Assoc. Prof. Tomozii Elena Simona, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China

Tomozii Elena Simona副教授,广东外语外贸大学,中国

Research Area: International cooperation, intercultural exchange, societal change, positive psychology and education, educational Reform


Title:When the present meets the future,  how to prepare the next generation to face a highly technologized world.



1. Global and local tendencies and polices in the era of technology

2. Challenges we face in education globally and locally  

3. Answering the challenge through continuous reforms in the educational system

3.1. Transdisciplinary with focus on STEM and AI Intelligence Education to train the new generations

3.2. Breaking out the cognitive prison. Managing reform in education with focus on AI and STEM Education