Welcome Prof. HAOWEI TI ​from Hong Kong Asia Business College to be Committee Member!

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Prof. HAOWEI TI, Hong Kong Asia Business College, Hongkong, China

Research Area: 

 International Economic and Management

Research Experience:

1.Academic Director of Hong Kong Asia Business College and Responsible for the international publication of the college and the exchange of international academic conferences.

2.Assistant Dean of Hong Kong Asia Business College and Responsible for the supervision and implementation of alumni association activities.

3.So far, he has published more than 10 papers in internationally renowned journals and reviewed more than 20 conference papers within a year.

4.Received the Excellence and Innovation Award at the Academic Conference of Ritsumeikan University in 2020.

5.American GLG Group data expert, mainly for economic data analysis, judgment of international economic situation, conflicts and analysis of international trade, etc.

6.Authored three books on Amazon operations and coached this field for four years. Taught nearly 500 students to operate and practice in the Amazon field.

7.From 2017, he taught international economics and business English at the Hong Kong Asian Business School.

8.He has conducted in-depth research on the application of game theory and big data in the field of economic management, and has published 4 related papers.

9.He has 8 utility model patents, and obtained the patent certificate of the State Patent Office. He also received a special prize of 6,000 yuan in Henan Province in 2017.

10.Adjunct Professor of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia and Hechi Vocational and Technical College,China.