Welcome Prof. Yongbin Qin ​from College of Computer Science and Technology, Guizhou University to be Committee Member!

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Prof. Yongbin Qin, College of Computer Science and Technology, Guizhou University, China

Research Area: 

BigData, Multi-source Data Fusion and Application

Research Experience:

Qin Yongbin, Professor, Doctor, Doctoral supervisor. He is now the dean of the school of computer science and technology of Guizhou University, the deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Public Big Data (Key Laboratory of Public Big Data of Guizhou Province) and the executive deputy director of the special Key Laboratory of Software Engineering and Information Security of Guizhou Province. Senior Member of CCF, Member of the Big Data Expert Committee of CCF, Vice Chairman of the Chongqing Branch of ACM China, Editorial Board of the Second Editorial Board of the Journal of Big Data. Deputy secretary-general, executive director of Guizhou Computer Society. Guizhou province big data expert library first batch of experts, Guizhou province "7+N "cloud engineering expert group member, Guizhou province science and technology department appraisal expert.